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We strive to make a huge dent in animal cruelty prevention.  After rescuing and nurturing many four-legged friends, we decided to implement our 20+ years of experience to create a vacation for pets.  Better yet, we did just that and even more.  Your pet is staying at a state-of-the-art facility that easily portrays scenes of elegance and oasis.


Originally from New York, Kevin moved to South Florida at age 17 and fulfilled his dream of becoming a K-9 Officer. He has worked with numerous dogs, which include small breeds such as Yorkies, as well as Belgium Malinois, German Shepherds, and larger breeds like Great Danes. Kevin’s expertise with all breed demeanors and temperaments has ensured the successful training of his client’s canines. He believes that nothing is more fulfilling than working with man’s best friend.

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Our two dogs recently spent 8 days at Pet Lovers Pet Sitting boarding, seeing as no cruise lines have tickets for pets, much to our dismay! Our dogs were very happy and didn't appear to realize any time had gone by. They had plenty of room to run and the owners live on-site, taking the dogs out every two hours to run freely in a large area.

The dogs received their own private bedroom with twin bedding and plenty of room to move freely. Best of all, the owners are big animal lovers who run a rescue and this is a passion more than a business. I believe this makes all the difference.

The location is out West, towards the end of Okeechobee Blvd (near Okeechobee & Folsom) on a large site with several areas where dogs can run. I did notice they don't normally offer pickup/drop-offs on the weekends, but they worked with me to work around my schedule.

Overall, I think I speak for my two dogs when i say this is a pet-approved, five-star pet sabbatical!

Rusten M. | Yelp Review

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We are a full-service pet boarding facility serving Palm Beach County and all throughout Florida.  Our customers continue to use our boarding facilities and for a particular reason.  When you blend safety, freedom, and exceptional service you come up with Pet Lovers Pet Sitting, Inc.  Get in touch with us today to find out more on why we have the edge over the competition!

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