DeliverINg exceptional services for your pet


Small Dogs (1-20 lbs)

$50 / per night

Medium Dogs (21-50 lbs)

$55 / per night

Large Dogs (51-100 lbs)

$60 / per night

Extra Large Dogs (100+ lbs)

$65 / per night
  •  Daycare: $30
  • Puppies: $80
  • NOT Neutered / Spayed: $80
  • Dog Aggressive: $80
  • Human Aggressive: $105

We are a full-service pet boarding facility serving Palm Beach County and all throughout Florida.  Our customers continue to use our boarding facilities and for a particular reason.  When you blend safety, freedom, and exceptional service you come up with Pet Lovers Pet Sitting, Inc.  Get in touch with us today to find out more on why we have the edge over the competition!

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