Have you daydreamed of morning walks through the park with a new best friend?  Are you continuously searching on the web for the perfect dog to adopt? It just may be your time to adopt your new four-legged friend.  After reading this article, you will know the basic prerequisites, preparations, and strategies for finding a great dog match!

Consider the Cost

The most overlooked aspect before bringing your furry friend home: Money.  The cost of ownership of a dog varies, but expect the average cost of caring for your dog to be $150.  Keep in mind, most rescues and shelters will require a one-time adoption fee, up to a few hundred dollars.  The use for the adoption fee?  It covers the costs of food, pet health care, neutering or spaying, among many more.

Finding the Perfect Match

When on the search for the dog from a rescue, it will be helpful to consider the most common breeds you will find in shelters.  The most common breeds are widely reported to be pit bulls and chihuahuas.  Think about the expectations you will have for your dog.  Will you want a running buddy or maybe a social dog?  Once you figure out your optimal breed, age comes next.  Age tends to be the biggest deciding factor when it comes to adopting a dog.  Puppies may be extremely cute and squishy, but they require a lot of attention and training.  Because puppies are so adorable, they also tend to be adopted more than older dogs.  Even dogs as old as two years are much more in need of adoption.

What to Expect During the Adoption Process

Once you arrive at your preferred shelter, you will be offered the chance to meet and play with a dog you are interested in.  In most cases, you are even able to take them for a nice walk!  Now just some paperwork and you are on your way.  Keeping an open mind when meeting dogs may lead to an exciting match—your perfect match may not be the perfect match you expected.

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