In honor of your love for your pet, we have laid out some incredibly helpful tips to ensure responsible pet ownership.Of course, you love your pet and it is our primary goal to make sure your pet is not only loved unconditionally but also healthy and happy.Here are 6 tips that will surely classify you as a responsible pet owner!

1.) Work on Training Your Pet

Typically, when you love your awesome pet, they are well behaved or doing something right.But why not take it a step further and provide your pet basic commands such as sit, stay and off.Those are the basic training commands and your pets are certainly capable of many more.Some pets will be absolute naturals at agility training and other will enjoy leaning unique tricks.Either way, you both will get a kick out of training together!

2.) A Little Exercise a Day Keeps The Vet Away

All pets, like us humans, strive for a healthy and happy lifestyle, but some require more than others.Take a break from your hard work and take your pet on a daily walk or schedule play time.Not only will exercising improve the health and happiness of both you and your pet, but it provides mental stimulation, as well.Excuse? If it is too cold out to spend any valuable time outdoors with your friend, there are several things you can do indoors, such as training your pet!

3.) Proper Diet

Always keep in touch with your vet to ensure that your loved one is getting the right amount of nutrients for their health demands.Please make sure the food contains healthy and safe ingredients.Additionally, do not give them too many treats and table foods, as overweight pets are significantly more prone to serious health problems.

4.) Your Pet Needs Friends Too

Playing with other dogs and taking basic obedience classes is a great way to start this out as a puppy. But even older dogs need to have some socialization so they can interact with other dogs and people safely. Plus, if you only have one dog in your house, it will be fun for him and provide positive stimulation to be around other pups and humans.

5.) Identification Please

This includes having ID tags on your dog’s collar, as well as having him microchipped. This ensures if he ever gets lost or escapes, someone can help get him back to you.

6.) Keep Your Pet Groomed

Not all breeds need regular haircuts, but all do need occasional baths, tooth brushings, and nail trims.

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