Dreading the idea of leaving your dogs well-being in someone else’s hands may seem very daunting, so much so that we have compiled a checklist to ensure your pooches stay is the very best.  With the proper research and preparation, your dog’s stay can very well turn into your dogs vacation.

Choosing The Right Place:

Way back in the day, dog boarding facilities brought images of cold, tight spaces with only a dirty blanket to rest on.  Fortunately, nowadays, most dog boarding facilities offer a luxurious experience.  Of course, choosing the right dog boarding facility or hotel that is a great fit for you and your pooch is the first step.  Get a sense of how you feel the moment you enter the facility.  If you feel uncomfortable for any reason, look at a different hotel.  As always, the facility should be well maintained and smell clean, but you should also peek around for sharp objects or anything that may put your dog at risk.  IMPORTANT TIP: Monitor how staff members interact with the dogs in their care.

Here are some valuable questions to ask:

  • What kind of attention from or interaction with people will my dog have daily?
  • Can I see your entire facility?
  • What happens if my dog becomes injured or sick while in your care?
  • If my dog misbehaves, how will you and your staff handle it?

One final tip:

Book ahead as boarding facilities, especially the more desired ones, such as Pet Lovers Pet Sitting, fill up weeks to months ahead of time for holidays.

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