There are many reasons why dogs are one of the most important things in our lives. The connection between dogs and humans are one of the strongest bonds around. Dogs bring so much joy and they’re truly a blessing in our lives. They’re a man’s best friend because they have been there through the years, through many challenges and obstacles we face but the relationship between man and a dog digs a bit deeper. Both human and dog benefit from this bond they share. Dogs need us, but I find that we need them just as much. They’re loving, loyal and understand us almost more than going to a therapy session.

Dogs have the ability to feel. They can sense when their owners are upset, happy or whatever their owners might be feeling. They’re not called “mans best friend” for no reason. Dogs can make your day just by simply a wag of a tail. Dogs can reduce stress, anxiety and depression. The companionship you can get from a dog cannot be gained from any other animal. Dogs crave attention from their owners and love their owners more than anything. It’s the best feeling coming home from a long day by being greeted by what loves you the most with their sloppy wet kisses and wagging tails. Dogs are the most important and biggest blessing in our lives. They have the ability to recognize faces and they don’t judge. They listen to us, but don’t answer back… obviously. They are too easy to love and are so much more than just a man’s best friend.

They can make a tough day so much better.

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